Silverball Super League
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Four of a Kind Four of a Kind
Earned for winning your group in 4 consecutive meets.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (21)

PlayerDate Earned
Gregory Kennedy11/06/2023
Joseph Weininger09/06/2023
Tom Lariviere09/04/2023
Brett Ruland08/28/2023
Chris Scott06/05/2023
Cody Webb02/27/2023
Laura Banner02/27/2023
David Tebbe01/31/2022
Chad Markham 10/18/2021
Matthew Williams US10/11/2021
Greg Drewes02/17/2020
Amy Kesting06/25/2018
Matthew Rich03/12/2018
James Scott OH02/12/2018
Andrew Frazee02/12/2018
Evan Bingham10/16/2017
Anthony Olivieri10/16/2017
Steve Leben07/24/2017
James Stethem04/24/2017
Trent Augenstein04/17/2017
John Reemtsen04/17/2017