Silverball Super League
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Pink Slip Pink Slip
Earned for forfeiting out of a season.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (16)

PlayerDate Earned
Keith Jackson 04/17/2023
Thomas Sauter02/14/2023
Bhavan Patel01/31/2023
Gregory Miles11/01/2022
Stephen Short11/01/2022
Kris Hiser11/01/2022
Nick Bullett11/01/2022
Adam Jacobs08/15/2022
Alan McClelland08/14/2022
Therese Edwards07/31/2022
Laura Kelson04/11/2022
Chad Kelson04/11/2022
Joshua Mullet02/07/2022
Beau Pendleton10/11/2021
Dan Thomas09/13/2021
Eddie Lassiter09/13/2021