Silverball Super League
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Speed Speed
Earned for reaching 100 league points within the first 8 meets of a season.

Introduced 01/15/2013

Players With This Badge (13)

PlayerDate Earned
Chad Markham 10/18/2021
Mollie Johnson10/18/2021
Deborah Tahlman03/09/2020
Chaz Millfelt06/25/2018
Robert Gaines03/12/2018
Matthew Rich03/12/2018
Evan Bingham11/06/2017
Nicholas Olivieri08/14/2017
Steve Leben08/14/2017
Ross Bergantino08/14/2017
Heather Khoury05/08/2017
Trent Augenstein05/08/2017
James Scott OH02/06/2017